Embracing the theme Onward & Upward, the objective of this free education program is to provide an interactive platform where we can encourage and inspire dentists to improve their knowledge, skills and increase efficiency. Renowned educators from around the world will share techniques, experiences, and perspective on various topics related to Minimally Invasive Dentistry.


August 11

Prevention, Desensitization and Sealants in Contemporary Dentistry 

Dr. Ana Cecilia ARANHA

September 1

Demystifying Photobiomodulation - Harnessing the Benefits for Patients

Dr. Lan TRAN

September 22

Tips and Strategies for the Treatment of Endodontic Pain

Dr. Omar IKRAM

October 13

Successful Teeth Whitening with Practical Aesthetics

Dr. Adrian GOH

November 3

LESS is MORE: Minimal Intervention LESS-ons Learnt for Elevated Esthetics

Dr. Clarence TAM

November 24

Biomimetic Posterior Composite Restorations: How to Create Highly Aesthetic, Functional Restorations
Dr. Yo-Han CHOI